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Kangaroo Island South Australia

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Yipiee! Vacations. That is the reaction when it is the first day of holiday. As usual, everybody decides where to go for holiday in advance. They pack their bags as soon as possible. A trip to Australia, this time can be done! But when the trip is over, many memories are there to share with family and friends. Just have a visit to the southern part of Australia this time.


Kangaroo Island, South Australia


Of course, Southern Australia visit is not complete without a visit to the Kangaroo Island, a big one that acts as a container for various towns – small as well as large, vegetation, wildlife, marine life and last but not the least bird life. The most important thing that can be done is to take a rental car in Australia and reach the Island. If you met people here, you will find that every single person is so welcoming and warm.


The Island is an amazing place to visit as it has an eco friendly nature and you will find numerous hotels near the island where you can plan your stay. When you reach the Island, trip can be just started by exploring penguins – a huge variety to watch and play with. The best part is that, you can even set your camp here on the Island. You will get a sound environment on the beaches in the Island.


A visit to the small towns such as Penneshaw and Kingscote that lie near the Island is must. In the towns, things for daily use can be found easily. The supermarkets have everything that a tourists as well as local person needs. Bottles can be filled with honey and put into your trip bags for which the Island is famous. The honey is produced by Ligurian bees found here and is the purest of its kinds. Enjoy the bird show that is held at the Island and can capture it in your phone by making a video of that.


The thing to take pleasure in the most was the ship tour on the Island, between clear blue water and so much silence. The Island is full of Conservation Parks like Seal Bay Conservation Park as well as National Parks like Flinders Chase National Park to explore. But for that a lot of time is needed.


Wow! This is what you will say when your trip ends. Full of adventure, all day fun and Relax! Your camera will be fully loaded with distinct clips. Food all over, so nice people and beautiful sceneric views with full peace of mind is just few among many things that can be enjoyed in the region.

Plan a trip to the Kangaroo Island soon!

Kakadu National Park Australia

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Had a tour nearby Darwin or towards the northern region of Australia? If yes, did you visit the Kakadu National Park? If you have been in Australia and didn’t visit this region, a must say, it is worthless!


Everybody can think that what to see in a park, as normal park, it would be. What to explain about the beauty of park here? So big, that you need a full day to explore it. You must have heard and read about the park but when to be there is just an awesome experience. You will realize that the decision of visiting the park was right. You will just love the visit to park, its eye-catching views and awesome landscape.


The Kakadu National Park is full of low wetlands as well as pools where eating food and walking around can be fully enjoyed. Ahh, the rock caves were a thing that can afraid you as some live creatures can be assumed from its shapes. The park is also full of rain forests and streams. Swimming facility is also there in the pools along with relaxing at the poolside. You can also find crocodiles in the wet season here. Isn’t it a wonderful and an adventurous thing to know?


Kakadu National Park


A visit to the Jim Jim Falls that lie in the park is obvious. The Ubirr Rock that also lies in the park is a huge one. Aboriginal rock paintings available here will really amaze you.


Well, even if you will be tired but still you will not want to keep away from even a single part of the park. In all, a large number of river systems as well as landforms like lowlands, the southern hills and basins which are unique in its own ways can be enjoyed here in the park. A huge variety of wildlife species in the park can be explored. Full of mammals, birds, plants and insects, it also has variety of freshwater species.


Now don’t even think about coming back from Australia without visiting the Kakadu National Park. You can still think of taking food along and sit on the poolside in the park. Enjoy swimming and don’t come back soon!

Visit to Opera House Sydney Australia

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Having a visit to Australia is worthless without the visit to the Sydney’s beautiful Opera House. Dating back to the year 1973 when it was opened, it lies in Sydney, mainly in the New South Wales region of Australia. Being bordered by the Sydney and Farm Cove as well as the Royal Botanic Gardens on three of its sides, it is a main performing arts centre having multiple venues.


A famous Danish architect named as Jorn Utzon built as well as designed this. The Opera House was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 2007. It is one of the world’s busiest arts centers. It is also counted among the most unique buildings one of the 20th century.


Sydney Opera House, Australia


The design of the opera house in Sydney is according to modern designs. Its expressionist design attracts many tourists to the region. The opera house comprehends roof structures, referred to as shells, are very large and precasted with concrete. You can rent a car in Australia to visit the opera house and the front-of-house spaces. You will find studios and cafes for public convenience in the building.


You can also enjoy the local cuisines at the restaurants and drinks at the bars. It you opt for a guided tour option, you can also see the area that lies backstage and is mainly meant for the main hosts and performers. The opening ceremony of the opera house was accomplished by the Queen of Australia, Elizabeth II which served as a great honour to the place.

Exploring pictorial beaches of Sydney

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Picturesque ocean beaches of Sydney are well known among anyone who loves surfing and a laid back beach afternoon. Capital of New Wales, Sydney offers over 27 beaches in south and 23 beaches in north, which makes car rental a smart option.


Australia offers some of the best beaches in the world and most of them are located in Sydney. Every beach in Sydney offers best surfing mood, sunbathing environment and classic beach cafes and restaurants. Even the busiest and most crowded, but highly popular, beaches like Bondi have its own charm and speciality. Whether its Manly, Bondi, Tamrama, Bronte or Avalon, you will find Sydneysiders and tourists enjoying the wave, sun and a cocktail.




Those who want more beauty and nature, a drive to one of the harbour beaches on Port Jackson using a rental car is advisable. Balmoral Beach, Lady Bay Beach, Clontarf, Clifton Beach, Nielsen Park, Reef Beach and many more such harbour beaches can be easily explored making use of a low priced car rental covering all inclusive like CDW, insurance and unlimited mileage.


But with so may beaches spread throughout the city, car rental is one way or one of the most economical ways of covering them. Renting a car to drive from one beach to another is a sensible way of exploring Sydney’s best and most gorgeous beaches. A drive from north to south while enjoying a stay for lunch at local restaurants or beach cafes is definitely great vacation plan.