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Australia Car Rental Tips & Requirements

Monday, September 17th, 2018

Guide to a car rental in Australia

If you plan to rent a car in Australia then getting familiar with the rules of the land is a sensible idea.

Renting a car in Australia requirements

Age- 19 is the minimum driving age in Australia whereas the minimum rental age varies according to suppliers, generally, it is 21 years. Car renters below the age of 24 years might have to pay a young driver’s surcharge. The car rental age varies according to the car category.

Driving license- In Australia, driving licenses in English are acceptable but provisional license are not accepted. If you are a tourist then the maximum time frame for which you can use your driving license which is in English is 3 months. In case, the license is not in English then the renter needs to carry an International Drivers Permit (IDP). In any situation, carrying an IDP along with your native driving license always benefits if you wish to drive in a foreign country.

Should I rent a car in Australia?

1. ) Driving in Australia is sheer pleasure as the panorama is broad and extremely beautiful.

2. ) Moreover, Australian drivers are well-mannered and drive safely.

What are the popular locations where I can rent a car in Australia?

Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Cairns are the most popular car rental locations in Australia but there are many more locations where you can rent a car in Australia.

Road trip Attractions
Melbourne to Adelaide (Great Ocean Road) The Shipwreck Coast, the Twelve Apostles & Naracoorte caves
Sydney to Melbourne Mimosa Rocks National Park, Mornington & Philip Island
Brisbane to Cairns Noosa, Fraser Island, Airlie Beach & Mission Beach

One-way car rental in Australia

one-way-Australia Car-Rental

You can go for one-way rentals in Australia by paying an extra charge, applied by most of the suppliers. The most-popular one-way trips in Australia are Hobart to Launceston and Melbourne to Adelaide.

Booking a cheap car rental in Australia


Where to book from? – A wise way to book a rental is through a website where you can get deals from multiple suppliers and can compare them easily using helpful filters. One such website is which lets you book comfortable rental cars in any part of Australia.

Car rental suppliers- The most popular and reputed brands operating in Australia are Ace Rental Cars, Alamo Rent A Car, Apollo Car Rentals, Atlas Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Europcar and National Car Rental.

Payment- Book early to get better quality vehicles at a cheaper price. Just like most of the other locations, car rental suppliers in Australia ask you to pay via credit cards. In case you obtain a fine for speeding then it will be charged to your credit card by the car rental suppliers and your details will be submitted to the law enforcing agencies.

Most of the car rental suppliers expect you to return the car with a full tank, failing to do so can result in extra charges to your card. This charge usually comprises of the cost of the petrol plus service charge.

Rule of the road- Australia drives on the left-hand side of the road while most of the cars have their steering wheel towards the right-hand side. Make sure you follow the speed limits: 50 km/h (crowded city areas), 70-90 km/h (open roads) and 100-110 km/h (highways). All the distances and the like are measured using metric units in Australia i.e. meters, kilometers and km h.

Driving to the Outback


1. ) Distances can be overwhelming especially on the Outback so always carry ample of drinking water, snacks and first-aid kit while travelling in this region of Australia.

2. ) Keep your car equipped with fuel as the fuel stations are usually shut in the night.

3. ) As a precaution, always inform your hotel or friends before heading out on a road trip as the networks are weak in most of the areas.

4. ) The Outback can turn out to be nightmarish if you aren’t well-prepared with precautions like a spare tyre, enough of drinking water and snacks.

Also, the internet coverage is pretty bad in many regions of Australia, especially, the Outback so make sure that you have all the needed information available offline.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Hobart

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania Island in Australia, is a place where you always find something new to do and see. Formerly known as Hobarton or Hobart Town, it is also the largest city on the island and houses almost 40% population of the island. Moreover, Hobart is the perfect base from where you can begin your journey to the other fascinating parts of Tasmania Island. Following are some place which you must visit in Hobart:

1. Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)

The Museum of Old and New Art was established in 2011 and it exhibits modern and contemporary art along with antiquities. In just few year from its inception, MONA has become one of the most popular museums in Australia for its unique collection. Every year, many exhibitions are held in the museum which are changed regularly. The only permanent exhibition here is Monaism which showcases the highlights of museum’s collection.


2. Cadbury Chocolate Factory

Located outside the city, the Cadbury Chocolate Factory is the one of the most visited place by kids and all the chocolate lover in Hobart. In this factory, not only you will get to taste the chocolate, but you can also see and understand that how it’s made and molded into bars. You can also buy all your favorite Cadbury chocolates from the gift shop located at the factory at discounted rates.

3. Mount Wellington

Rising 4,163 ft above the sea level, the Mount Wellington is an essential experience of Hobart. Locally, it is also known as “the mountain”. At the pinnacle of the mountain, you can see incredible views in all the directions. There you will also find a glass building, a gazebo and promenades. The weather at the mountain changes very fast and suddenly. It may snow at the top even when there is a mild climate in the city. Tourists can enjoy various activities here including hiking, rock climbing, biking and horseback riding. A picnic can also be enjoyed here.


4. Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

At Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, you will find Australia’s some of the most popular creatures such as kangaroos and wallabies. The park was opened in 1981 and since then it is providing shelter to some of the most endangered species in the country. There is a lot to see and learn about wildlife conservation and rehabilitation while strolling through the park. The animals at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary are kept with adequate care close to nature.

5. Penitentiary Chapel

This chapel was built in 1830 to accommodate the male convicts. This chapel has many isolated rooms and 36 hidden punishment cells with poor ventilation and no light. This prison was used to torture the convicts and they were kept here under inhumane conditions. Later in 1849, the chapel was closed. Now, this historic site is open for visitors and many guided tours are also available.


These are the most popular attractions in Hobart, but plenty of other interesting places are also available there to explore. To make most out of your journey, book a car rental in Hobart Downtown and start to explore. The best time to visit Hobart is between November and March. It is the time during which the city hosts numerous festivals dedicated to culture, art and gastronomy.

Best Restaurants to Eat in Sydney

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

A visit to a destination is incomplete without tasting its local food. In a multicultural city like Sydney, the options are huge where travelers can enjoy tasty local cuisines along with international dishes. The city offers a great variety of restaurants of all budgets and tastes. Here is a selection of five best restaurants to try in Sydney.

1) Quay Restaurant

Undoubtedly, Quay is the one of the best restaurants not only in Sydney but also in Australia. Almost every food and travel guide have named it in their top list. Quay Restaurant is known for its fine menu it offers with the spectacular views Harbor Bridge and Sydney opera House while you eat. The menu is the most exclusive you can find in Australia, starting from 150 per person without wine.


2) Tetsuya’s Restaurant

Located in the heart of Sydney, Tetsuya’s is one of the most reputed restaurants in Australia. The restaurant offers an exotic menu with a unique combination of Japanese, French and Australian flavors and techniques. This restaurant is run by Tetsuya Wakuda, Australia’s one of the most renowned Chefs. They keep 10 dishes in the menu which keeps on changing frequently. Fish and seafood are the highlights of the restaurant and the dining menu starts from $220 without wine.

3) The Apollo Restaurant

It doesn’t look Greek, but the Apollo is a Greek Restaurant which is located in the suburb of Potts Point. The restaurant is housed in the basement of DeVere Hotel, just close to the Botanic Gardens and the NSW Art Gallery. You can see the exposed concrete of the walls and the ceilings without any interior decoration. It offers a complete Greek menu with a family style dining experience. The food is so delicious that you will leave the restaurant after eating uncomfortably full.


4) Summit Restaurant

Located near the Circular Quay, the Summit Restaurant is among the most popular restaurants in Sydney. With a strategic location at the 47th floor of a skyscraper, it offers a 360-degree panoramic views over the city and some of the most iconic buildings in Sydney. Summit is a revolving restaurant which completes a turn in 105 minutes. Here, guests can enjoy amazing seafood along with a wide selection of international wines. They have more than 180 types of wines. Orbit Lounge Bar is also housed in the restaurant. The two-course menu starts at $85.

5) Doyles on the Beach Restaurant

Located on the Watson Bay, Doyles on the Beach is a family run restaurant with five generations of chefs. It was opened in 1885, it was the first restaurant opened in Australia and it still maintains a high reputation for its seafood. At Doyles, guests can choose to eat on the beachside in the wooden huts or they can enjoy their meal on the terrace with a view of Sydney Harbor. Doyles on the Beach is considered one of the best restaurants in Sydney and offers a wide range of dishes.


These five are among the most reputed and famous restaurants to eat in Sydney. Here you can enjoy the best quality of food along with some amazing venues.

Top Tourist Attractions in Australian Capital Territory

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

The Australian Capital Territory is a great tourist destination in the country which offers an abundance of attractions and things to do. Canberra is the only and the most populous city which comes under the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Due to the huge range of attractions, it is not possible to explore all the sights in one trip. So, we have included the most popular places in this list which you must visit on your journey to the Australian Capital Territory.

Australian War Memorial:

Australian War Memorial is one of the greatest museums in Australia but also in the world. This museum is dedicated to members of the armed forces who gave their services and sacrificed their lives in wartime. The museum has four different sections: the ANZAC Parade, a Memorial Building, a commemorative area and a sculpture garden. Australian War Memorial is the best place to hear the history of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps).

Useful Information:

The Australian War Memorial is open daily between 10 am and 5 pm. The admission to the memorial is free.



Parliament House, Canberra

Although the architecture of the new Parliament House building is not as impressive as that of the former parliament but it is one of the most important buildings in Australia. More than one billion dollars were spent on the construction of this new building which can be explored in a guided tour. In the guided tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see both, the House of Representatives chambers and the Senate. You can also learn about the political history of Australia and view numerous historical documents. It is an attraction which you should not miss.

Useful Information:
The Australian Parliament is can be visited on any day of the year except Christmas. It can be visited between 9 am to 6 pm. Various exhibitions are also held here from time to time.


National Gallery of Australia

The National Library of Australia is one of the most visited attractions in Canberra. It was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II in 1982. This building was created to appreciate the artwork of the famous painter of early twentieth century, Tom Roberts. This art gallery is divided into three sections: at the ground level, you can admire the international and aboriginal artwork, the first floor contains the Asian artwork and sculptures, and the last floor houses the contemporary Australian artwork. Today, the National Gallery of Australia contains more than 120,000 pieces of artwork. It is a must visit for the art lovers.

Useful Information:
Admission to the gallery is free of cost and it can be visited on any day of the year except Christmas. The gallery opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm. Various facilities are also available for the visitors with special needs; these facilities include wheelchairs, toilets, audio loop, sign-interpreted lectures and Braille guide to the Gallery.

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Located in Canberra, the Australian National Botanic Gardens is a must-visit attraction for all the nature lovers. Unlike other botanical gardens, it contains not only exotic plants but it also houses a huge range of native plants. This is a place where you can see the largest collection of Australia’s native plants which can be found in the different parts of the country. This botanical garden not only entertain visitors but also used for research work. It also protects various species of plants and flowers which are endangered in the wild. It is a perfect place for a picnic where you can enjoy with your family or friends. Various concerts and exhibitions are also held here throughout the year.


Useful Information:
The Australian National Botanic Gardens remains open all year round except Christmas. It can be visited between 8:30 am and 5 pm. The visitor center is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Entry to the park is free of cost.

Other popular places of interest in Australian Capital Territory includes National Portrait Gallery, National Zoo & Aquarium, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and many others.

5 Most Luxurious Hotels in Sydney

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Sydney is a city full of life, rich history, cultural events, beautiful natural landscapes and numerous other attractions. That is why it attracts millions of tourists every year and to accommodate those travelers it also provides various options ranging from economy to luxury. In this post, we have selected five the best and most luxurious hotels in Sydney which are known for their great hospitality and exceptionally comfortable accommodation.

These are the most recommended luxury hotels in Sydney:

1) Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

This hotel is located in the historic Rocks district where many transportation options such as buses, trains and ferries are easily available. Numerous tourist attractions are also located within the walking distance from the hotel: the Museum of Sydney (900 m), Sydney Opera House (1 km) and Harbourside Shopping Centre (2 km). The famous Bondi Beach is just about 10 km from the Shangri-La Hotel. This hotel offers 565 luxurious and spacious room with amazing views of the Sydney Harbour. The rooms and suites of the hotel are decorated with modern furniture, soundproof windows and iHome docks. All rooms are equipped with free wireless Internet access, satellite TV, safe, minibar and marble bathrooms. Other amenities offered by Shangri-La Hotel include a business center with conference facilities, indoor pool, laundry service, spa, sauna and massage treatments.


2) Hilton Sydney

The Hilton Sydney is a contemporary and elegant hotel which enjoys a prime location in the city center, within a walking distance from George Street and Town Hall Train Station which provides access to all the landmarks in Sydney. This location also provides an easy access to the shopping and business center of Sydney, numerous leisure areas, as well as many tourist attractions in the city. The Opera House which is located within walking distance and Bondi Beach is only 12 km from the Hilton Sydney. The hotel has a total of 579 spacious rooms and suites equipped with all modern facilities including free wireless internet, LED TV with satellite channels, CD and MP3 player, alarm clock and a lot more. It also offers a fully equipped health club, a spa, indoor swimming pool, saunas and steam rooms. The hotel also houses some of the best restaurants in Sydney.

3) Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney

The location of Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel is suitable for both, business and leisure travelers. Being located in the heart of Sydney central business district, it is surrounded by hundreds of companies and restaurants. Numerous tourist attractions like Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Circular Quay, the historic district of The Rocks and Botanic Gardens are located within an easy reach of the hotel. As well as. the Bondi Beach and many major shopping malls are located within a few kilometers of distance. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel building was built in the nineteenth century and it comprises of 336 rooms and 26 luxury suites. The rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi Internet service, flat TV with cable channels, direct dial telephone, tea/ coffee maker and a minibar. Other facilities offered by the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel include express and late checkout, express laundry, takeaway breakfast and conference rooms for business meetings.


4) Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

The hotel enjoys an ideal location in the heart of Sydney in close proximity to the historic Rocks district. It is located in an area which is both, casual and sophisticated, and it is surrounded by many shops, restaurants and bars. The Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney is an award winning hotel and numerous major landmarks of the city are located within a small walking distance from the establishment such as Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay and the Central Business District of Sydney. It provides an ultimate ambience for business meetings away from the bustle of the city. The hotel provides 415 stylish and spacious guest rooms which have been renovated recently. The rooms overlook the city skyline and equipped with complimentary wireless Internet, direct dial telephones, workspace desk, in-room safe, iron, hair dryer, a minibar and more. This 5-star accommodation also features a luxurious spa, two restaurants, two bars and an indoor swimming pool.

5) Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney

This 5-star accommodation is located near Sydney Harbour, right beside the lively shopping and business of the Australian capital. Guests of the Four Seasons Hotel can enjoy spectacular views of the harbor, explore the famous the Rocks District and pamper themselves with a luxurious treatment in the award winning spa. This hotel can be an ideal base to start your journey in Sydney. The hotel offers 531 rooms with stylish interior design and feature upgraded amenities. all the rooms of the Four Seasons Hotel are equipped with LCD TV with satellite channels, free wireless Internet access, iPod doc, in-room safe, tea/coffee maker, hair dryer and complimentary toiletries. The Hotel bar serves a selection of beers, wines, cocktails and spirits and has restaurants offering quality cuisines. The Hotel also provides shuttle service on request.


These luxurious hotels are ideal for the guests who want an extra level of comfort, style and personalized service. They also provide an easy access to transportation options and popular tourist attraction.