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The Best Events to Attend in Australia in 2017

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Australia has been one of the most visited countries by tourists lately and for all the right reasons. The country has stepped up its game and put itself on the world map of tourism because of its music and food & wine events that are held throughout the year. Here’s a list of the biggest events and festivals in every month that you can attend, and make the most of your time in Australia.


Tamworth Country Music Festival (Jan 20-29)

Tamworth Country

A 10-day music festival in Tamworth that will feature over 700 artists, covering 120 venues, spread out in 2800 gigs is the biggest country music festival in Australia. During the festival, the town of Tamworth completely livens up, with artists and fans coming in from all over the world. The festival also features Country Music Awards of Australia, where the outstanding achievers in the Australian country music industry are awarded with a Golden Guitar trophy.


Festivale (Feb 10-12)


A 3-day annual celebration in Launceston featuring the best Tasmanian food, wine, and entertainment, that lights up the historic City Park, is a unique and all-round happy festival. This is one of Australia’s major food and wine festivals, and the prime use of local produce and regional wine, showcased with top art and entertainment in an outdoor setting makes it even more welcoming. The festival attracts more than 40,000 people every year and is a great boost for tourism in Tasmania.


Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade (March 4)

Gras Parade

The annual LGBT pride parade and festival in Sydney started in 1979, is one of the most prominent events in Sydney and is attended by thousands of people from Australia and abroad. The parade has a big impact on the city’s tourism and generates a big income for the state. The events in the festival include the Mardi Gras Parade, the Mardi Gras Party after the parade, the Mardi Gras Festival that showcases art and literature activities, the Mardi Gras Fair Day, and the Mardi Gras Awards Ceremony.


Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (March 31-April 9)

Food and Wine Festival

Each year, Victoria’s food and wine culture is showcased and celebrated in this event. The festival is held to celebrate the culinary culture in Melbourne and promote the use of local produce and is operated on a not-for-profit basis. The main events in the festival include the Langham Melbourne MasterClass, Cellar Door at Southgate and World’s Longest Lunch. The festival welcomes hundreds of thousands of participants each year and has received many awards and acclamations.


Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival (May 18-21)

Blues on Broadbeach

Started in 2002, the Blues on Broadbeach Festival, in Gold Coast, Queenstown, celebrates blues music, and every year gives a chance for local and international artists to perform in a relaxed and ambient environment. This is one of Australia’s biggest music festivals and is absolutely free for anyone to attend. The music festival has won multiple awards over the years and is attended by music lovers from all over the world.


Melbourne International Jazz Festival (June 2-11)

Jazz Festival

The annual jazz music festival in Melbourne hosts numerous performances by local and international artists. The events take place in concert halls, jazz clubs, and even the streets of Melbourne, where the artists liven up the city with their soulful music. The festival promotes new and upcoming artists as well and provides a platform for musicians to perform, collaborate with other artists, and gives the audience an unmatched musical experience.


Festival of Voices (June 30-July 16)

Festival of Voices

This 12-year-old annual festival in Tasmania celebrates music and harmony like no other. The cities turn into choirs every July, and thousands of singers gather to sing and perform in concert halls, theaters and the streets throughout the state. Internationally acclaimed musicians attend the festival and hold interactive vocal workshops for people and this two-way experience makes this festival truly unique.


Melbourne International Film Festival (August 8-20)

Film Festival

One of the oldest film festivals in the world, and the biggest in Australia, the event is held over three weeks and showcases a variety of films in Melbourne. The festival takes place across multiple venues in the city that includes various theaters and cinemas. Every year, an award for the best short film is given out by the MIFF, and the competition receives numerous entries. More awards are presented to filmmakers in a ceremony and the films are judged by internationally acclaimed artists.


Melbourne Fringe Festival (September 14-October 1)

Fringe Festival

This is the second largest independent arts festival in Australia and includes events like comedy, music, theater, digital art, films, and circus performances. This is usually a 3-week long festival and the events are spread over various venues in the city, and the hub of the festival, where the main venues are located is in North Melbourne Town Hall. The festival gives a platform to over 4000 artists every year and welcomes more than half a million attendees.


Melbourne Festival (October 5-22)

Melbourne Festival

This 31-year-old festival in Melbourne is known for celebrating dance, music, theater, visual arts, multimedia and outdoor events. The festival thrives to promote art and culture, and connects artists from all over the world. Over the years, the festival has been directed by a number of high profile artists, which is one of the main reasons the festival is on such a high position among others.


Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival (November 1-5)

Noosa Triathlon

One of the biggest triathlon events in Australia, the event hosts an average of 10,000 participants each year and the city is filled up with thousands of fit people coming in from around the world. The triathlon includes a 1500m swim in a canal, 40km cycling on a road course, and a 10km run to finish off the race. The triathlon is the biggest event in the festival, but as the name of the festival suggests, it has other sporting events as well that test the fitness and agility of the athletes.


The Taste of Tasmania (December 28-January 3)

Taste of Tasmania

Tasmania’s largest food and wine festival takes place in Salamanca, Hobart, and has been around for over 20 years. The festival is run by the Hobart City Council and focuses on promoting the local produce. Celebrity chefs from around the country are invited to cook up extravagant meals for the diners, along with musicians and DJs to keep up the entertainment level. The picturesque location of Hobart’s waterfront makes the dining experience even more surreal and the food lovers keep coming back for the unmatched experience.