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Cairns to Great Barrier Reef – A road trip in Queensland

Thursday, April 11th, 2019

The Great Barrier Reef Drive – from Cairns to Cape Tribulation

Get ready to take one of the best road trips in the world which will let you see many attractions, mesmerizing views and one-of-a-kind experiences. Spot crocodiles along with other wonders of the wildlife as well as many World Heritage Sites on this great trip from Cairns. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the top tourist destinations in the world as it’s the largest coral reef on earth.

This 143 km coastal drive will start from Daintree National Park or Cairns and can be completed in 6 hours. You will pass through the oldest rainforest in the world while driving along the Great Barrier Reef.

The best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef is between the months of June and November which also is the peak season in terms of tourism, thanks to the absence of showers. Otherwise, people love to visit the reef all year round as its beauty shines through all the seasons. From November to May, it’s the stinger season there when you have to wear a stinger suit and swim in stinger enclosures. Carry a good phone or camera to click memorable pictures along this scenic route as well as fine sunblock and waterproof pouches for the sunny beaches.

You don’t really need a map to drive on the Great Barrier Reef Drive, also, the road is in a superior condition. If you are on a tight budget then you can spend the nights camping under the stars, giving a break to the expensive hotels and resorts. Make sure that you obtain a camping permit from the government and get familiar with the rules for setting up camps in Queensland.

Cities that would act as gateways to the Great Barrier Reef include Cairns, Port Douglas, Airlie Beach and Townsville. You can start the drive from Cairns city center, a location where your taste buds will be in for a treat. Apart from boats, car is one of the best modes to explore the Great Barrier Reef as it’ll let you visit all the major attractions of the region.

Some information on the Great Barrier Reef

Generating a good amount of revenue for the nation every year, almost 2 million tourists pay a visit to the 2,300 km stretch of the Great Barrier Reef, in the Coral Sea on the north-eastern coast of Australia. If you want to go on a vacation with your family, especially, with the kids then this is an ideal destination for you.

Wildlife lovers are in for a treat as this age-old ecosystem is home to 30 species of whales, dolphins as well as porpoises along with hundreds of species of birds and numerous species of sea snakes. One of the original Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the reef serves as a breeding ground for many species of turtles. The rich wildlife on the reef also includes more than a 1000 species of fish, accounting to 10% of the fish population of the whole world.

Tourists can indulge in the many aquatic sports such as snorkelling, diving, sailing, etc and experience what’s it like to be at the most photographed beach of Australia, Whitehaven Beach. Holidaymakers love to go for air tours to get a bird’s eye view of the natural wonder that’s 2000 metres deep.

Drive from Cairns to Port Douglas to experience the Barrier Reef

Distance 68 km
Total time 1 hour 8 minutes
Best route Captain Cook Highway/State Route 44

Cairns is the most preferred location for starting an adventure around the reef but you can also begin the road trip from a location like Brisbane, Mackay or Gold Coast. First, you must discover Cairns, its Botanic Gardens and other experiences it has to offer, such as a colourful nightlife and adventure sports. The vibe to Cairns is almost cosmopolitan with a majority of the tourists being Europeans and Americans. We suggest enjoying a gambling session at the casino or indulging in some souvenir shopping at the night markets! In Cairns, you will get to eat all sorts of cuisines suiting all types of price ranges. When in Cairns, do not forget to try boating in a glass-bottomed boat.

On the contrary, Port Douglas is a laid back destination where you can find many luxurious resorts, ideal for a tropical vacation or honeymoon. Interestingly, Port Douglas is the one and only place in the world where two World Heritage Sites meet, namely, the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. This port is one of the best places to see the coral reef, many prefer going on a cruise from Port Douglas or Cairns or Airlie Beach to fully absorb the stunning beauty of the reef.

From Port Douglas to Cape Tribulation

Distance 85 km
Total time 1 hour 51 minutes
Best route Mossman Daintree Road and Cape Tribulation Road

Driving around the great coral reef, from Port Douglas, you can visit the Mossman Gorge for some refreshing swimming experience in the Daintree National Park’s Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. The last destination on the Great Barrier Reef tour is an ecotourism destination in the northeast of Queensland, Cape Tribulation, a distant headland in Australia. You can visit the attractive Cape Tribulation any time of the day.

Book a comfortable car rental in Cairns to go for this pleasant drive.

The Best Adventure and Amusement Parks in Australia

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

There’s no specific time of the year or age for a person to seek some fun and if you’re in Australia, you’re in luck to have a variety of options laid out for you to choose from. Australia has a good range of adventure and theme parks all over the country so people have numerous options wherever they go. All these places have fun rides and attractions for both adults and children. Here is a list of five amusement parks in Australia that you must visit:

Dreamworld, Gold Coast

Australia’s biggest theme park, Dreamworld has over 40 rides which include 5 roller coasters. The park has multiple thematic parts like Wiggles World, Gold Rush Country, Ocean Parade, Rocky Hollow, DreamWorks Experience, Tiger Island and the Corroboree. The rides here are usually divided into categories like adult thrill rides, family rides and kids rides. Dreamworld also opened the first LEGO store in the country in 2017.

Adventure World, Perth

The Adventure World is most famous for their roller coaster Abyss, the water slide Kraken, the Dragon’s Kingdom, Tunnel of Terror, Black Widow and Kahuna Falls. Although the theme park is closed for 4 months in the winter season, the enthusiasm among the visitors is never down. A new ride or attraction is introduced every two years. There are over 36 rides and attractions carefully built in a setting of beautiful botanical gardens.

Warner Bros. Movie World, Gold Coast

The perfect place for fantasy lovers – this theme park is full of adventures and rides with the themes of various superheroes, and characters from the world of cartoons and movies. Movie World is divided into 4 main parts – Main Street (the main entrance path with numerous movies based attractions), Kids’ WB Fun Zone (children’s area with the Looney Toons theme), Wild West Area (with two wild adventure water rides) and DC Comics Superhero Hub (with rides and attractions based on DC Comics characters).

Luna Park, Sydney

One of the oldest amusement parks in Australia, Luna Park is located at Milsons Point in Sydney, New South Wales. There is a giant 30-feet smiling face at the entrance of the park based on ‘Old King Cole.’ Other attractions here are the Crystal Palace, the Big Top, the Coney Island funhouse, Maloney’s Corner and the Midway gives access to all these places. There are numerous rides at Luna Park as well for both kids and adults.

Sea World, Gold Coast

This theme park cum oceanarium has numerous water based attractions and rides, and also works towards the rehabilitation of injured and sick wildlife. As the name of the place suggests, most of the attractions here are water themed, like exclusive rides, shows based on cartoon characters and mammals that attract more children. Sea World has an adjoining resort and a water park where the guests can visit and relax.

Best of Australia in Its Top 5 Cities

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Australia cherishes the millions of visitors who travel every year to see the beauty and hospitality of this amazing country. Australia offers a lot to its visitors and no matter which city you’re in, there are ample activities you can be a part of, to experience the liveliness and the uniqueness each city holds. Below is a list of something you must do on your visit to each of the top 5 cities in Australia. Pick the comfortable option to drive in a rental car with us on your visit to these cities to make your experience better and more personal.

Backstage Tour of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney

opera house
Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the Sydney Opera House is one of the top places that define Australia. This performing arts centre has been the center of attraction for decades and has hosted numerous national and international artists from various fields of culture and entertainment. Take a guided backstage tour of the venue and learn what happens behind the scenes during and before a performance. The backstage tour is 2.5 hours long and starts at 7 am daily, starting from the Stage Door and ending in the Green Room, covering all aspects and secrets of the drama that goes on behind the stage.

Climb the Story Bridge, Brisbane



The Story Bridge in Brisbane is a heritage listed bridge and the longest cantilever bridge in Australia. The most popular tourist attraction in Brisbane is the climb on the Story Bridge. The climb begins from the suspended walkway under the bridge and as you slowly start to climb you rise above the road level to reach the top which is 80m above the sea level. When you stand on top of the bridge, the panoramic view of the city is a breathtaking image that you will remember forever. The 2-hour journey of the climb can be experienced by people of any age as the pace is quite comfortable.

Visit Kings Park, Perth

Kings Park
A huge public park spread over an acre of land, this place will make your jaw drop. The park is a mix of grassed land, botanical gardens, and bushland on Mount Eliza. This is one of the largest city parks in the world and houses a variety of bird, plant and fungi species. The park also has a State War Memorial, with streets lined with trees and individual plaques dedicated to service men and women who died in the World Wars. the park also hosts the Kings Park Festival, which is a month-long celebration and display of flowers, artworks, music, exhibitions, and guided walks in the month of September.

Visit the Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Australian War Memorial
Australia’s national memorial dedicated to its armed forces is the one place you cannot miss on your trip to Canberra. Inaugurated in 1941, the memorial holds a significant place in the world. The memorial also houses the National Military Museum. The Memorial consists of three parts – the Commemorative Area which is the shrine, the museum and galleries, and the Research Centre which also keeps records. The Memorial also has a Sculpture Garden where there are numerous sculptures related to the memorial theme.

Take A Stroll Through Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market
The Queen Victoria Market is the most visited place in Melbourne and is also the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere. The market was built in the 19th century. The huge market sells fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, poultry, gourmet foods, clothing, jewelry, and handmade arts and crafts and so much more. Millions of dollars have been invested in the expansion of the market and attract more visitors. Night markets on every Wednesday is a splendid combination of food, entertainment, shopping, and music.

New Year’s Eve 2015 Events and Celebrations in Sydney

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

Although many Australian cities organize big parties to celebrate New Year’s Eve but the celebrations of Sydney Harbour are unmatched. Sydney New Year’s Eve is a show held each year and last year it was attended by more than one and a half million people. Every year it has a different theme and consists of amazing lights, music and fireworks. The theme for this year is “City of Colour”.

The New Year’s Eve in Sydney is an event that can be compared to the new year’s eve in New York or Rio De Janeiro. It is like a grand party full of colors, enjoyed by millions of people and watched live on TV by over a billion of people around the globe. It is one of the most awaited night especially for those who live on the northern hemisphere. You are lucky if you are in Sydney to spend the night of year end and able to see it all yourself.

Let’s see what you will experience this year:

Air and Water Display:

The show will begin at 6 pm with pre-show entertainment where Matt Hall, a third-generation pilot will display some aerobatic tricks with his plane. At 6:50 pm, a stunning water show will start. A tugboat will throw thousands of gallons of water with a water cannon giving a peculiar aspect to the sunset. At 8 pm, Matt Hall will return once again with his plane.


Giant Projector:

At 8 pm, the structure of the Harbour Bridge will be used as a giant projector screen and will be used to display huge size videos and images. It will also display the countdowns to New Year.

Acknowledgement of Country:

AT 8:40, there will be a performance by the city of Sydney celebrating Aboriginal and other native cultures of the country. Magnificent images of Eora country will also be displayed on the Harbor Bridge.

Family Fireworks:

As soon as the clock will hit 9 pm, a kind of pre-midnight fireworks display will take place. This is for the younger members of the family who usually fall asleep before reaching the time for the main show. So, they can also enjoy the party without having to go to bed too late. This year through fireworks, the city will also pay tribute to Royal Botanic Garden for getting two hundred years old and to Taronga Zoo for completing hundred years.


Harbour of Light Parade:

At 9:15 pm, A fleet of 60 ships decorated with lights will cross the bay, creating a very nice light effect with the bridge. The Opera House will also be illuminated.


Fireworks Display – The Finale:

The midnight fireworks, the main event which is awaited by everyone very anxiously will take place at midnight. An impressive firework display that illuminates the entire bay will take place for twelve minutes. This thunderous display of gunpowder leaves no one indifferent. It is something worth the long wait.


These are the main shows which will be organized for New Year’s Eve 2015. Don’t worry if you are not going to be at Sydney Harbour on the New Year Eve, you can also catch the event live on TV, radio and Internet.

5 Most Luxurious Hotels in Sydney

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Sydney is a city full of life, rich history, cultural events, beautiful natural landscapes and numerous other attractions. That is why it attracts millions of tourists every year and to accommodate those travelers it also provides various options ranging from economy to luxury. In this post, we have selected five the best and most luxurious hotels in Sydney which are known for their great hospitality and exceptionally comfortable accommodation.

These are the most recommended luxury hotels in Sydney:

1) Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

This hotel is located in the historic Rocks district where many transportation options such as buses, trains and ferries are easily available. Numerous tourist attractions are also located within the walking distance from the hotel: the Museum of Sydney (900 m), Sydney Opera House (1 km) and Harbourside Shopping Centre (2 km). The famous Bondi Beach is just about 10 km from the Shangri-La Hotel. This hotel offers 565 luxurious and spacious room with amazing views of the Sydney Harbour. The rooms and suites of the hotel are decorated with modern furniture, soundproof windows and iHome docks. All rooms are equipped with free wireless Internet access, satellite TV, safe, minibar and marble bathrooms. Other amenities offered by Shangri-La Hotel include a business center with conference facilities, indoor pool, laundry service, spa, sauna and massage treatments.


2) Hilton Sydney

The Hilton Sydney is a contemporary and elegant hotel which enjoys a prime location in the city center, within a walking distance from George Street and Town Hall Train Station which provides access to all the landmarks in Sydney. This location also provides an easy access to the shopping and business center of Sydney, numerous leisure areas, as well as many tourist attractions in the city. The Opera House which is located within walking distance and Bondi Beach is only 12 km from the Hilton Sydney. The hotel has a total of 579 spacious rooms and suites equipped with all modern facilities including free wireless internet, LED TV with satellite channels, CD and MP3 player, alarm clock and a lot more. It also offers a fully equipped health club, a spa, indoor swimming pool, saunas and steam rooms. The hotel also houses some of the best restaurants in Sydney.

3) Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney

The location of Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel is suitable for both, business and leisure travelers. Being located in the heart of Sydney central business district, it is surrounded by hundreds of companies and restaurants. Numerous tourist attractions like Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Circular Quay, the historic district of The Rocks and Botanic Gardens are located within an easy reach of the hotel. As well as. the Bondi Beach and many major shopping malls are located within a few kilometers of distance. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel building was built in the nineteenth century and it comprises of 336 rooms and 26 luxury suites. The rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi Internet service, flat TV with cable channels, direct dial telephone, tea/ coffee maker and a minibar. Other facilities offered by the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel include express and late checkout, express laundry, takeaway breakfast and conference rooms for business meetings.


4) Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

The hotel enjoys an ideal location in the heart of Sydney in close proximity to the historic Rocks district. It is located in an area which is both, casual and sophisticated, and it is surrounded by many shops, restaurants and bars. The Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney is an award winning hotel and numerous major landmarks of the city are located within a small walking distance from the establishment such as Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay and the Central Business District of Sydney. It provides an ultimate ambience for business meetings away from the bustle of the city. The hotel provides 415 stylish and spacious guest rooms which have been renovated recently. The rooms overlook the city skyline and equipped with complimentary wireless Internet, direct dial telephones, workspace desk, in-room safe, iron, hair dryer, a minibar and more. This 5-star accommodation also features a luxurious spa, two restaurants, two bars and an indoor swimming pool.

5) Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney

This 5-star accommodation is located near Sydney Harbour, right beside the lively shopping and business of the Australian capital. Guests of the Four Seasons Hotel can enjoy spectacular views of the harbor, explore the famous the Rocks District and pamper themselves with a luxurious treatment in the award winning spa. This hotel can be an ideal base to start your journey in Sydney. The hotel offers 531 rooms with stylish interior design and feature upgraded amenities. all the rooms of the Four Seasons Hotel are equipped with LCD TV with satellite channels, free wireless Internet access, iPod doc, in-room safe, tea/coffee maker, hair dryer and complimentary toiletries. The Hotel bar serves a selection of beers, wines, cocktails and spirits and has restaurants offering quality cuisines. The Hotel also provides shuttle service on request.


These luxurious hotels are ideal for the guests who want an extra level of comfort, style and personalized service. They also provide an easy access to transportation options and popular tourist attraction.