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Best of Australia in Its Top 5 Cities

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Australia cherishes the millions of visitors who travel every year to see the beauty and hospitality of this amazing country. Australia offers a lot to its visitors and no matter which city you’re in, there are ample activities you can be a part of, to experience the liveliness and the uniqueness each city holds. Below is a list of something you must do on your visit to each of the top 5 cities in Australia. Pick the comfortable option to drive in a rental car with us on your visit to these cities to make your experience better and more personal.

Backstage Tour of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney

opera house
Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the Sydney Opera House is one of the top places that define Australia. This performing arts centre has been the center of attraction for decades and has hosted numerous national and international artists from various fields of culture and entertainment. Take a guided backstage tour of the venue and learn what happens behind the scenes during and before a performance. The backstage tour is 2.5 hours long and starts at 7 am daily, starting from the Stage Door and ending in the Green Room, covering all aspects and secrets of the drama that goes on behind the stage.

Climb the Story Bridge, Brisbane



The Story Bridge in Brisbane is a heritage listed bridge and the longest cantilever bridge in Australia. The most popular tourist attraction in Brisbane is the climb on the Story Bridge. The climb begins from the suspended walkway under the bridge and as you slowly start to climb you rise above the road level to reach the top which is 80m above the sea level. When you stand on top of the bridge, the panoramic view of the city is a breathtaking image that you will remember forever. The 2-hour journey of the climb can be experienced by people of any age as the pace is quite comfortable.

Visit Kings Park, Perth

Kings Park
A huge public park spread over an acre of land, this place will make your jaw drop. The park is a mix of grassed land, botanical gardens, and bushland on Mount Eliza. This is one of the largest city parks in the world and houses a variety of bird, plant and fungi species. The park also has a State War Memorial, with streets lined with trees and individual plaques dedicated to service men and women who died in the World Wars. the park also hosts the Kings Park Festival, which is a month-long celebration and display of flowers, artworks, music, exhibitions, and guided walks in the month of September.

Visit the Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Australian War Memorial
Australia’s national memorial dedicated to its armed forces is the one place you cannot miss on your trip to Canberra. Inaugurated in 1941, the memorial holds a significant place in the world. The memorial also houses the National Military Museum. The Memorial consists of three parts – the Commemorative Area which is the shrine, the museum and galleries, and the Research Centre which also keeps records. The Memorial also has a Sculpture Garden where there are numerous sculptures related to the memorial theme.

Take A Stroll Through Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market
The Queen Victoria Market is the most visited place in Melbourne and is also the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere. The market was built in the 19th century. The huge market sells fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, poultry, gourmet foods, clothing, jewelry, and handmade arts and crafts and so much more. Millions of dollars have been invested in the expansion of the market and attract more visitors. Night markets on every Wednesday is a splendid combination of food, entertainment, shopping, and music.