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Easy Self-Drive Day Trips from Melbourne by Car

Monday, August 20th, 2018


7 easy day trips to take from Melbourne

If you are bored of the city life then it is advised to get away on a road trip as there are many destinations near the populous city of Melbourne. Rent a car and explore Victoria, a a state where you can explore nature as well as the outstanding vineyards and much much more. These destinations are just a couple of hours from Melbourne so you can come back to the city in a day or so after taking a rejuvenating break.

The positioning of Melbourne, lets you choose from a variety of day trips.

Daylesford: “the spa country” or “the spa center” of Australia

Time 90 min
Distance 113.8 km
Route National Highway M8 and C141

Drive to Daylesford, a spa town in Victoria known for its natural mineral springs and celebrated villages. Expect a day full of relaxation for it is one of the top Australian destinations to unwind and rejuvenate.

Daylesford: “the spa country”

Daylesford is home to the largest number of mineral springs in Australia along with other attractions such as the Daylesford Lake and the Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens which is the spot to take a nice walk.

Satiate your taste buds at one of the many iconic restaurants in this spa country, also make sure to pamper yourself with a massage session before you head back to Melbourne.

Mornington Peninsula: a haven for food and wine

Time 1 h 13 min
Distance 76.2 km
Route M1 and Mornington Peninsula Fwy/M11

Drive through the new Peninsula Link freeway conveniently from Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula. Red Hill is the place to go to for the best wineries and lip-smacking food such as wood-fired pizza.

Mornington Peninsula

Before you drive back to Melbourne, don’t forget to take a dip or simply relax at the Balnarring Beach.

Healesville: explore the Yarra Valley

Time 1 h 20 min
Distance 63.5 km
Route M3 and Maroondah Hwy

Head to Healesville, a town in Victoria situated on a tributary of Yarra River, to lose yourself to the magnificent backdrop. This town offers a plenty of B&B options so extending your day trip for a night or more is also easily feasible.


Healesville is a town known for its food and wine scene along with an abundant wildlife featuring the Tasmanian Devil and kangaroos which can be found at Healesville Sanctuary. You have the options of driving to one of the landmark wineries or indulge in some local souvenir shopping. This road trip is definitely one of the most romantic ones you can take in Australia.

Great Ocean Road: one of the grandest drives in the world

Time 2 h 38 min
Distance 209.4 km
Route M1 and Princes Hwy/A1

Get ready to drive on one of the best coastal roads of Australia, the Great Ocean Road is a panoramic road ideal for road trips. Beaches with sharp cliffs run along this astonishing road. On the road, you will encounter Port Campbell National Park, home to the iconic Twelve Apostles.

Great Ocean Road:

On this route, visit the rock formations of Loch Ard Gorge and London Arch, formed due to the pressure of the sea and winds. Take a helicopter tour over the Shipwreck Coast and don’t forget to meet the koalas near Kennett River.

There are many more adventures you can enjoy on this road.

The city of Ballarat: a gold rush experience

Time 2 h
Distance 115.9 km
Route National Highway M8

Rent a car to drive to Victoria’s Ballarat, a city known for hiking as well as its artificial gold rush town, Sovereign Hill, a must-visit attraction for all kinds of tourists. Also, there is the Museum of Australian Democracy which you can visit.

The city of Ballarat:

Ballarat is the perfect destination for you if you would like to see what the gold rush era was like. Observe the replica streets of the 1850s and much more. Also, don’t forget to experience the Australian wildlife at Ballarat Wildlife Park.

You can easily cover all the attractions of Ballarat in one day and then head back to Melbourne.

Philip Island: surf & interact with penguins

Time 2 h 27 min
Distance 141.7 km
Route M1

If surfing is your thing then you must drive to Philip Island, a favourite amongst surfers as well as lovers of raw nature. Also, motor enthusiasts are in for a surprise on this island that is you can drive on the same tracks where Moto GP and V8 Supercar races are undertaken.

Philip Island

Cape Woolamai, Smiths Beach and YCW Beach offer excellent spots for surfing. To observe the koalas, head to the Koala Conservation Centre and Penguin Parade, where you can watch tiny penguins returning home for the evening.

Lake Mountain: all about snow and skiing

Time 2 h 22 min
Distance 118.5 km
Route Maroondah Hwy and C512

Drive to the niveous slopes of the 4,701 ft Lake Mountain in Victoria, just around 2 hours away from Melbourne. This cross-country ski resort is part of the Cathedral Range and the Great Dividing Range.

Lake Mountain

Lake Mountain is one of the most celebrated ski resorts in Australia but please note that there is no lake here, the name comes from George Lake, a former Surveyor-General. Lake Mountain is also a popular cycling destination.

Book a Melbourne car rental to add comfort to your road trips.

The Best Adventure and Amusement Parks in Australia

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

There’s no specific time of the year or age for a person to seek some fun and if you’re in Australia, you’re in luck to have a variety of options laid out for you to choose from. Australia has a good range of adventure and theme parks all over the country so people have numerous options wherever they go. All these places have fun rides and attractions for both adults and children. Here is a list of five amusement parks in Australia that you must visit:

Dreamworld, Gold Coast

Australia’s biggest theme park, Dreamworld has over 40 rides which include 5 roller coasters. The park has multiple thematic parts like Wiggles World, Gold Rush Country, Ocean Parade, Rocky Hollow, DreamWorks Experience, Tiger Island and the Corroboree. The rides here are usually divided into categories like adult thrill rides, family rides and kids rides. Dreamworld also opened the first LEGO store in the country in 2017.

Adventure World, Perth

The Adventure World is most famous for their roller coaster Abyss, the water slide Kraken, the Dragon’s Kingdom, Tunnel of Terror, Black Widow and Kahuna Falls. Although the theme park is closed for 4 months in the winter season, the enthusiasm among the visitors is never down. A new ride or attraction is introduced every two years. There are over 36 rides and attractions carefully built in a setting of beautiful botanical gardens.

Warner Bros. Movie World, Gold Coast

The perfect place for fantasy lovers – this theme park is full of adventures and rides with the themes of various superheroes, and characters from the world of cartoons and movies. Movie World is divided into 4 main parts – Main Street (the main entrance path with numerous movies based attractions), Kids’ WB Fun Zone (children’s area with the Looney Toons theme), Wild West Area (with two wild adventure water rides) and DC Comics Superhero Hub (with rides and attractions based on DC Comics characters).

Luna Park, Sydney

One of the oldest amusement parks in Australia, Luna Park is located at Milsons Point in Sydney, New South Wales. There is a giant 30-feet smiling face at the entrance of the park based on ‘Old King Cole.’ Other attractions here are the Crystal Palace, the Big Top, the Coney Island funhouse, Maloney’s Corner and the Midway gives access to all these places. There are numerous rides at Luna Park as well for both kids and adults.

Sea World, Gold Coast

This theme park cum oceanarium has numerous water based attractions and rides, and also works towards the rehabilitation of injured and sick wildlife. As the name of the place suggests, most of the attractions here are water themed, like exclusive rides, shows based on cartoon characters and mammals that attract more children. Sea World has an adjoining resort and a water park where the guests can visit and relax.

Best of Australia in Its Top 5 Cities

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Australia cherishes the millions of visitors who travel every year to see the beauty and hospitality of this amazing country. Australia offers a lot to its visitors and no matter which city you’re in, there are ample activities you can be a part of, to experience the liveliness and the uniqueness each city holds. Below is a list of something you must do on your visit to each of the top 5 cities in Australia. Pick the comfortable option to drive in a rental car with us on your visit to these cities to make your experience better and more personal.

Backstage Tour of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney

opera house
Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the Sydney Opera House is one of the top places that define Australia. This performing arts centre has been the center of attraction for decades and has hosted numerous national and international artists from various fields of culture and entertainment. Take a guided backstage tour of the venue and learn what happens behind the scenes during and before a performance. The backstage tour is 2.5 hours long and starts at 7 am daily, starting from the Stage Door and ending in the Green Room, covering all aspects and secrets of the drama that goes on behind the stage.

Climb the Story Bridge, Brisbane



The Story Bridge in Brisbane is a heritage listed bridge and the longest cantilever bridge in Australia. The most popular tourist attraction in Brisbane is the climb on the Story Bridge. The climb begins from the suspended walkway under the bridge and as you slowly start to climb you rise above the road level to reach the top which is 80m above the sea level. When you stand on top of the bridge, the panoramic view of the city is a breathtaking image that you will remember forever. The 2-hour journey of the climb can be experienced by people of any age as the pace is quite comfortable.

Visit Kings Park, Perth

Kings Park
A huge public park spread over an acre of land, this place will make your jaw drop. The park is a mix of grassed land, botanical gardens, and bushland on Mount Eliza. This is one of the largest city parks in the world and houses a variety of bird, plant and fungi species. The park also has a State War Memorial, with streets lined with trees and individual plaques dedicated to service men and women who died in the World Wars. the park also hosts the Kings Park Festival, which is a month-long celebration and display of flowers, artworks, music, exhibitions, and guided walks in the month of September.

Visit the Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Australian War Memorial
Australia’s national memorial dedicated to its armed forces is the one place you cannot miss on your trip to Canberra. Inaugurated in 1941, the memorial holds a significant place in the world. The memorial also houses the National Military Museum. The Memorial consists of three parts – the Commemorative Area which is the shrine, the museum and galleries, and the Research Centre which also keeps records. The Memorial also has a Sculpture Garden where there are numerous sculptures related to the memorial theme.

Take A Stroll Through Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market
The Queen Victoria Market is the most visited place in Melbourne and is also the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere. The market was built in the 19th century. The huge market sells fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, poultry, gourmet foods, clothing, jewelry, and handmade arts and crafts and so much more. Millions of dollars have been invested in the expansion of the market and attract more visitors. Night markets on every Wednesday is a splendid combination of food, entertainment, shopping, and music.

Top Australian Destinations of All Times

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Australia is the smallest continent and the largest Island on our planet; it lies in the southern hemisphere, which interestingly leads us to the fact that it experiences opposite weather conditions in relation to other countries which lie on the northern hemisphere. Visiting Australia to escape your country’s scorching summers or severe winters certainly seems a tempting notion, isn’t it?

Maybe that is why this Island nation has been acting as the biggest magnet for travelers around the globe, however, whatever the reason be, its beauty and offerings can’t be unaccredited as they certainly have a big role to play. Moreover, every year, many of its cities earn a well-deserved place in the top 10 most livable cities in the world; and know what? Same trends follow when it comes to tourism. Just pick any of its many cities- in addition to exceptional attractions- regular pubs, lounges, and restaurants can also be found in abundance and that too as per one’s wish – whether one wants to hang out at the seaside, on a rooftop or at a night club. And, not just only a dominant attraction front, Australia also has an exuberant flora and fauna which is unique, as well as breathtaking; and interestingly, more than 80% of its flora and fauna is found nowhere else in the World. Also note that, Corals at Great Barrier reef were declared as world heritage site, and more than 10% area of Australia has been declared as protected in order to preserve its rare ecosystem.

Here, we have listed the best cities in Australia that are indispensable if you want to have a meaningful traveling experience.

1. Magnificent Melbourne:

Being the previous capital of Australia and owing to its rich modern history Melbourne is indeed the most livable city in the world. Located at the head of Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is a perfect vacation destination. A romantic boat ride in Yarra River with fine wine and music is the biggest must-not-miss; however other engaging places like Crown casino located on the river’s bank makes sure that one doesn’t get bored in this region of the city.

Melbourne Flinder st station Melbourne Tourist Attractions

Astute travelers can visit a variety of museums and buildings like St. Francis church & St. James Cathedral. Adventure lovers can opt for extreme sports like bungee jumping, skydiving and surfing to get their share of adrenaline rush at St. Kilda. This city is also a host to world famous longest lunch and wine tasting festivals. So plan well!!!

2. Sizzling Sydney:

It is referred to as the most beautiful city in the world owing to its beautiful landscape, scenic harbor and daunting architecture of the pre-modern era. Modern constructions like Sydney Opera house and Harbor Bridge represent the impeccable image of this world class city. Sydney is welcoming which is attributable to its multicultural inhabitants and rich history.


The Sprawling Blue Mountains to the west and deep blue ocean in the east makes Sydney a perfect place to enjoy a day out with family. One can also enjoy being with nature at its awe-inspiring botanical gardens and sun-kissed beaches, however, the number of tourists in this city peak in December which can be attributed to its sizzling Christmas and New Year celebrations.

3. Cadent Canberra:

It is probably a nascent capital among nations, the plan to make this place as a capital city was formulated early in 20th century and reportedly is the best-planned city in Australia. With the flashing wheel-spoke design of its streets, artificial lake & Botanic gardens, this city is a splendid combination of modern architecture with nature.


National zoo is a must visit place if one wants to have a look at the endangered species which are housed in the zoo. And, if one wants to experience Fireside and Truffle festivals which grace its winters, August is certainly the best time to visit this cadent highland city.

4. Harmonized Hobart:

It is the southernmost city of Australia, located in Tasmania and is second only to Sydney when it comes to the oldest cities in Australia. It boasts extensively preserved architecture of Georgian and Victorian eras and mesmerizes its visitors with its essence of the ‘Old World’. Salamanca Palace offers many eateries and breweries and is one of the best places to enjoy the crux of this city.


Maritime museum of Tasmania provides an insight into the esteemed naval history of world and colonization period, whereas, Mount Wellington offers moderate trek to hikers for a good outing. The weather in this region can be extremely unpredictable due to its location, but summer is the best time to visit this harmonized city, which is a perfect blend of mountains, rivers, and the vast blue southern ocean. If visiting in summers, don’t forget to take part in the annual summer functions like Taste festival and annual Sydney-Hobart yacht race.

5. Breathtaking Brisbane:

It is the fastest growing city in Australia and is a perfect gateway to begin a road trip to pristine beaches of Sunshine, Gold coast and numerous villages located in green lands of this heavenly state Queensland. The outskirts of Brisbane offer camping on the bank of the river, or amidst the lush green forests. This city is famous for its rich cultural heritage and picturesque views which have inspired many renowned artists such as The Saints, Bee Gees, and Savage Garden.


Numerous cruise companies organize sailing trips through pacific to other Australian cities and also offer exclusive activities like Whale watching. Fishing and Boating are the main attractions of Brisbane River and is considered a fun place to visit with family and friends. Avoid visiting in January through March as it receives a high amount of rainfall and eventual floods which have been known to be devastating in the past.

Australia offers unimaginable attractions for all sorts of travelers, from oceans to mountains and forests to deserts; therefore, it is highly recommended that you plan what you wish to visit for a more satiating experience.

Top 5 Museums in Sydney

Monday, June 27th, 2016

To learn more about Australian culture and its Aboriginal roots, the best way is to take a walk through the interior of the various museums in Sydney. There are a number of interesting museums in Sydney which have been embracing many tourists who come to the city. Sydney has around 200 museums and it is almost impossible to visit all of them so we have selected top 5 museums that you can not miss. If you have decided to travel to Sydney, you can book an affordable car rental and make a visit to these museums in a comfortable manner, tailored as per your needs and requirements.

Australian Museum


The Australian Museum is the largest museum in Australia and houses an Aboriginal collection of more than 16 million artifacts which comprises of boomerangs, native birds, kangaroo drills, complete dinosaurs skeletons, and few of the country’s most dangerous predators such as crocodiles and Tasmanian Tigers etc. The exhibits at Australian Museum aren’t just confined to Australia but include artifacts from places around the Globe such as Pacific Islands, Asia, Africa and America. It also hosts several dedicated programs for young ones; these programs facilitate effective learning by the means of several playful activities and exclusive set of exhibitions for children.

Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse Museum

A flagship venue for the Museum of Applied Arts and Science, the Powerhouse Museum, is located on the site of old Ultimo Power House building just next to the Darling Harbour. The exhibits represented at the Powerhouse Museum are devoted to the technologies that changed our World and the way we lead our lives. Visitors here may discover facts like how and why a magnet attracts metal, watch the “Shocking show” which demonstrates how, when, and why lightning strikes, discover more about nuclear science, space and steam travel and much more. The highlighted exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum is the 3-story-high “Boulton & Watt steam engine” which was built back in 1785 and is the world’s oldest working steam engines till date; indeed, it is one of the most educational and kid-friendly museums in the entire Australia.

Nicholson Museum


Nicholson Museum, located on the grounds of the University of Sydney Campus features the largest collection of artifacts in the Southern Hemisphere. The collection of exhibits represented here comprises of artifacts from the Ancient Egypt, Middle East, and Europe. It is the only place in the entire Sydney to house an original mummy , a 2,50,000-years old axe from France, a plaster skull from 6,000 B.C, and mosaic glass inlays dating back to 1st Century A.D. The Nicholson Museum was inaugurated in 1860 by Sir Charles Nicholson, who is also amidst one of the founders of the University of Sydney.

Hyde Parks Barracks Museum

HydePark BarracksMuseum

Hyde Parks Barracks Museum represents the grim penal historical colony of Australia where convict boys and men were housed as soon as they arrived the city. Now a museum, it earlier served as an immigration depot, a courthouse, and also an asylum for Impoverished women’s. Though, not so charming and appealing to visitors because of its architecture and infrastructure, it is quite famous for the fact that palpable ghosts haunt this place. Dedicated tours are offered by the museum for the better understanding of the convict’s life behind the bars during the first half of the 18th Century.

Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian National Maritime Museum is undoubtedly the best place in Sydney to discover Australia’s maritime treasures. Visitors here get to learn more about the naval history of Australia and also discover ships, submarines or destroyers, explorers, and Navigators etc. The museum represents a varied range of seafaring, a naval, cultural and coastal theme of Australia with a number of artifacts being displayed through the permanent and rotating exhibitions, and guided tours .


Yots cafe, an open-air cafe sits just next to the museum and offers delicious seafood while visitors at Australian National Maritime Museum can also spend some time searching for a good book and picking the right gift and souvenir for their loved ones at the museum store.