Visit to Opera House Sydney Australia

Having a visit to Australia is worthless without the visit to the Sydney’s beautiful Opera House. Dating back to the year 1973 when it was opened, it lies in Sydney, mainly in the New South Wales region of Australia. Being bordered by the Sydney and Farm Cove as well as the Royal Botanic Gardens on three of its sides, it is a main performing arts centre having multiple venues.


A famous Danish architect named as Jorn Utzon built as well as designed this. The Opera House was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 2007. It is one of the world’s busiest arts centers. It is also counted among the most unique buildings one of the 20th century.


Sydney Opera House, Australia


The design of the opera house in Sydney is according to modern designs. Its expressionist design attracts many tourists to the region. The opera house comprehends roof structures, referred to as shells, are very large and precasted with concrete. You can rent a car in Australia to visit the opera house and the front-of-house spaces. You will find studios and cafes for public convenience in the building.


You can also enjoy the local cuisines at the restaurants and drinks at the bars. It you opt for a guided tour option, you can also see the area that lies backstage and is mainly meant for the main hosts and performers. The opening ceremony of the opera house was accomplished by the Queen of Australia, Elizabeth II which served as a great honour to the place.