Tasmania Car Rental

TasmaniaTasmania is a host to some very important Australian events, such as the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Rent a car in Tasmania with us offers a perfect access to all the key landmarks and attractions of the city. Along with the Tasmania Symphony Orchestra, and other epicurean delights, you can enjoy yourself with a combination of island life and culture, while in Tasmania. You can choose from a wide range of Tasmania car rental locations and easily pick up or drop off the hired car as per your convenience. Affiliated with best car suppliers, we have access to best collection cars, top discounts and additional benefits.

There is much to do and see, while in Tasmania, and our Tasmania car rental service will take you to places you'd never thought possible, while taking in the beauty that is Tasmania, an island-state that is 221 miles long and 190 miles wide. It's good sized, island, and the 29th largest island in the world.

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Places to visit in Tasmania


Tasmania is an Australian state and island, located in the southeastern most corner, across from the continent, since is it separated by the Bass Strait. According to scientist, it was separated from the main continent by rising seawater levels around 10,000 years ago. Known as the "Natural State", it is covered by reserves and wildlife parts, well over 37% by land mass. This is part of the reason why Tasmania is so absolutely breathtaking to visit.

The natural wonders that exist on Tasmania include places like Port Arthur, a beautiful seaport; Dove Lake with its bluest waters; Wineglass Bay and Russell Falls. The climate is a cool and temperate one, with four distinct seasons. Summertime in Tasmania runs from December to January on the average, and can get warm, but never too hot. Local animals from Tasmania included the now-extinct Tasmanian tiger, which was a marsupial like kangaroos are. Another marsupial, with a more famous name from cartoons, is the Tasmanian devil. This little animal is mostly a scavenger, and the government of Tasmania has been making extreme efforts to help these creatures survive. Native birds of Tasmania include the Native-Hen, the Honey Eater, Dusky Robin and others. Clearly, the wild life as well as beautiful flora throughout Tasmania account for much of its beauty. If you'd like to see some of the areas where wildlife lives, you can hire a car in Tasmania with us about where to go in this city to do so, of course.

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Pick-up car rental locations around Tasmania

Devonport Airport
Devonport Airport
Via National Highway 1
57 min
57 min without traffic
(50.4 km)
Launceston Airport
Launceston Airport
Via National Highway 1
1 h 13 min
1 h 13 min without traffic
(40.4 km)
Wynyard Airport
Wynyard Airport
Via M1
1 h 46 min
1 h 46 min without traffic
(115 km)

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Tourist Attractions in Australia

  • St Mary's Catholic Cathedral
  • The Shrine of Remembrance
  • Melbourne Museum
  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
  • Art Gallery of New South Whales