Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2015


In March of each year, the Australian city of Melbourne becomes a paradise for food and wine lovers during the renowned Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. The Festival is takes place for 17 days, where more than 300 events are held. The festival uses wide network of streets, basements, rooftops, restaurants, cafe and bars providing everything to enjoy this annual food and wine celebration.

Here are few things, visitors can do in the festival:

The Longest Lunch:

During the festival, the city turns into a big outdoor ground with a friendly atmosphere welcoming visitors around the world. The first event will be sponsored by the Bank of Melbourne, named “World’s Longest Lunch” on February 27, 2015. Last year in 2014, they were able to enter the Guinness Book of World Records with a 530 m long table. It was a 3-course meal for 1,504 guests on the banks of the Yarra River and designed by three leading chefs from Victoria.


Amazing Experience:

The festival is famous for its culinary experience that will not be available for the rest of the year. It gives you a chance to learn some secret recipes and suggestions from some of the best chefs and also lets you eat in streets, on roofs and at some unfamiliar places of the city. It offers gastronomic tour of Melbourne through variety of art and musical events.

Wine Tasting:

In March, throughout Victoria, wine makers start processing the grapes and start making wine. Wine lovers can take a look behind the scenes of some wineries in the tours offered at the festival. Also, special lunches and dinners between the wine barrels are offered. For an amazing experience, you can take a guided tour for wine tasting and also get the chance to meet the leading wine experts.


Learn to Cook:

The festival has something for every food lover, regardless the age. Along tasting the food, you can also learn to make various types of food ranging from pizza to pasta. You can find many free food making classes during the fest.

Taste the Best:

The Melbourne MasterClass, a 2-day event, presents some of the most promising chefs and winemakers around the world. Visitors can learn some valuable tips and tricks from the best chefs in the world and they also get the opportunity to taste their best dishes.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is an excellent opportunity to make your vacation a special and unforgettable experience. Visit Melbourne during then this superb event and taste the best food and wine from Australia.