Discover the Seasons in Australia

Australia is a country with so many seasons and you can live different adventures throughout the year. While most of the country has four seasons, the tropical north only has a wet season and a dry season .

Let’s take a look at what you can do in these different seasons:-

Enjoy the Summer

December to February is the time to experience the beautiful Australian summer. Stroll along the dramatic cliffs stretching along the coast from Bondi to Bronte Beach in Sydney. Take a day trip from Melbourne to the national parks, beaches, vineyards, golf courses and spas of the Mornington Peninsula. Get a chance to taste the delicious food and wine in Tasmania on the historic waterfront of Hobart.

bondi beach summer

You can enjoy the fresh seafood and can see spawning of corals on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. Feel the thunderstorms and admire the lush vegetation in tropical forests. You will also get a chance to look closely at the Australian animals at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve near Canberra.

Summer in Down-Under is the ideal season to watch cricket world championships and tournaments of the Grand Slam tennis or amazing music festivals, New Year celebrations and many cultural events in the open air.

Feel the Autumn

Discover the magic of autumn in Australia from March to May. Admire the trees that are tinged with red and gold in Orange, a rural town famous for its food and wine in the west of Sydney. Also, explore the vineyards, villages and forests shrouded in the mists of the Yarra Valley in Victoria. Immerse yourself in the adventure of the picturesque Brisbane River.

brisbane river

Head to the green Litchfield National Park, which is located in the Northern Territory or go to the Kununurra in Western Australia for the Ord Valley Muster. Adventure enthusiasts can opt for Rafting on the unspoilt west coast of Tasmania or do camping and fishing along the basin of the Murrumbidgee River near Canberra.

Litchfield National Park

Autumn offers a varied program of events, from wine and food festivals, international fashion weeks to the Melbourne Grand Prix.

Discover the Winter

The period from June to August is the time for the Australian winter season in the whole country. But, in the tropical north, these months correspond to the dry season. Enjoy skiing and snowboarding down the snow-covered slopes of Victoria or go for snorkeling and diving in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

skiing australia

This is the perfect season to discover the Australian coast, spotting the whales and go for scuba diving with an amazing variety of marine animals. Those looking beyond water sports can go through the Simpson Desert by jeep in South Australia, or head to the Blue Mountains for the very special Christmas celebrations.

Follow the path of wildflowers in Western Australia or immerse yourself in the unique culture of the festival in the Northern Territory. Crouch down next to a crackling fireplace on the Fireside Festival of Canberra or celebrate the winter in the cobbled streets of Hobart.

Admire the Spring in Australia

Discover the Australian spring season, which runs from September to November in most parts of the country. And in the tropical north, it is the season of pre monsoon. Look at how Melbourne dress up for the Melbourne Cup, an event for which the entire nation stops. Attend a festival of jazz, blues, opera and sculpture that take place in the Hunter Valley near Sydney. Taste the food and wine, learn to scuba dive and surf at Margaret River in Western country.

Get a chance to walk between the tops of ancient trees in the Daintree Rainforest World Heritage Site. Immerse yourself in the exciting flora and fauna on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Admire Canberra which comes alive with the millions of flowers that bloom here in the spring season. Follow the route of the flower gardens of Tasmania that will lead you to natural and historical attractions.

Kangaroo Island

In Australia, spring is also the perfect season for surfing, kayaking and canoeing.

Every season comes with variety of options and activities to do. In every season, Australia has so much to offer to enjoy at the fullest. In the next coming posts we will take a look at the events and activities you can do in Australia.